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WI House


Crafted with love for a newlywed couple who share a deep passion for dogs and a keen appreciation for Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, this home promises a harmonious blend of tranquility and elegance.

Japanese-Scandinavian Fusion: This exceptional home embodies the essence of Japanese serenity and Scandinavian simplicity. Embracing minimalistic aesthetics, it boasts clean lines, natural materials, and a warm color palette that creates an inviting and peaceful atmosphere.

Weaved Pattern Facade: A unique exterior greets you with an artful display of artificial rattan weaved patterns. This intricate design not only adds character but also reflects the couple's love for the environment and sustainable architecture.

A Loving Space for Canine Companions: Designed with the couple's furry family members in mind, the house features dedicated spaces that cater to the needs of their beloved dogs. Special nooks and ample room for play ensure a joyful and comfortable environment for their four-legged friends.

Tranquil Japanese Garden: Step into a serene Japanese garden that beckons relaxation and contemplation. Complete with a beautiful koi pond, the backyard becomes a sanctuary of natural beauty and calmness.

Reflecting Pool Elegance: The front yard boasts a captivating reflecting pool that complements the exterior aesthetics, offering a peaceful welcome to visitors and an elegant focal point for the home.

Open Living Spaces: Inside, the charm of Japanese-Scandinavian design continues. Open living spaces invite abundant natural light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance for family gatherings and cherished moments.

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