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At STUDIOAVANA®, architecture and interior design intertwine with seamless precision, creating captivating spaces that transcend the boundaries of imagination. As a collaboration of three visionary Indonesian architects, we are united by a shared passion to craft not just houses, but pleasant dream homes that leave an indelible mark on our clients' lives.

With a clear vision to focus on our clients' dreams, we take pride in upholding their aspirations and bridging their needs, culminating in the realization of their ideal residences. Our approach is driven by a deep understanding of our clients, allowing us to curate spaces that perfectly resonate with their desires and lifestyles.

Throughout our journey, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to residential projects, where we artfully blend form and function to curate spaces that envelop users in comfort. As we ventured into the realm of commercial projects, our expertise flourished, setting the stage for remarkable designs that effortlessly marry aesthetics with practicality.

At the heart of our design philosophy lies a profound focus on user experience. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every floor plan we create is optimized for comfort, while adhering to the highest standards of healthy building criteria. We understand the significance of elements like lighting, air circulation, flow of activity, and environmental conditions, all of which converge to foster spaces that nurture well-being.

Moreover, our expertise extends beyond functionality, as we take pride in crafting sustainable designs that embrace the environment. Our commitment to durability and environmental harmony is a testament to our deep-rooted ethos of responsible architecture.

With STUDIOAVANA®, your dreams are our canvas, and we paint them with a symphony of creativity and expertise. From ideation to execution, we embark on this extraordinary journey with our clients, delivering timeless, inspiring spaces that resonate with their hearts and leave them in awe.

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Architecture is the thoughtful making of space


- Louis Kahn

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