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MH House


Being both the son and the architect of the house owner is not an easy task. When family relationship involves in a design process, things become more intense and complex. The chosen site location is in Budi Indah, a housing area surrounds by vast green area and mountains view around it.

The concept of this MH House is a resort house, a house where the owner can feel the atmosphere of a resort every day.  This house carries a modern tropical style.  Clean and simple are the two words that make up the design of this house. Facade design pays attention to the basic forms and the use of its materials. The materials are a combination of natural stone, wood, glass and iron. In addition, a range of vegetation to compliment the whole design.

The outside inside concept, where the inside of the house is felt integrated with the outside is what the owner of the house wishes for. Entering the main door, a garden equipped with a fishpond creating a resort ambience inside the house. In addition, the living room and dining area are surrounded by glass with plenty openings for the owner to look through the garden outside, enhancing the concept. Moreover, a cross ventilation system is implemented to improve the air quality throughout the house. With all these aspects achieved and combined with the right materials, it creates a luxury in simplicity for the house.

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