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Eco Circle


Eco Circle is a facility for developing environmental-based education, conservation, and community activities that stand on a beautiful water catchment area in North Bandung. The client wants facilities in the form of gathering spaces and lodging that put forward the concept of environmentally friendly architecture.

We try to maintain the existing vegetation and land contours status so that development only sets aside 20% of the land. Jambon trees, pine trees, and liang liu trees that grow naturally in 80% of the open area are framed with terracotta bricks to create continuity between nature and buildings.

Terracotta brick is applied covering garden parts such as the amphitheater and some outside walls. Other than being cost-effective, terracotta brick is very suitable for garden application because it acts as pores to drain rainwater into the soil. In addition, if applied to the wall, the brick can create a breeze feel in the building.

The three main buildings in the Eco Circle are one private house of the client and two lodges for participants. Both are painted in white to give the impression of contrast between the building and the surrounding forest. We also chose white paint because it acts as a heat insulator which is very suitable to keep the room temperature cool.

We do not use the air conditioning system in the interior of the building. The North Bandung area is already quite refreshing. We also applied floor-to-ceiling windows and criss-cross openings for better air circulation. Apart from material selection, this project also applies sustainable building management. For its energy needs, Eco Circle uses a solar panel system that can support energy needs, both during the day and at night. Eco Circle also has infiltration wells that can filter, recycle, and reuse wastewater.

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